5 Star Guarantee

White Oak Landscape designs and installs your outdoor enhancements while keeping in mind the unique environment at your property. We plan your new landscape with plants that fit your soil conditions, property size and your desired outcome.

What to do after we install at your house:

  • Make sure to water your plants according to your county restrictions and plant needs
  • Monitor the leaf and flower development of your new plants
  • Remove unwanted growth from newly landscaped area (weeds, etc)
  • Appropriate maintenance of the grounds including proper mowing and fertilizing of turf and pruning of plants.
  • Call us to do it for you

We at White Oak Landscape pride ourselves in using quality materials and equipment. Our trained employees go to great lengths to ensure a well installed landscape at your home or business. However we understand things happen, sometimes plants just die. Not to worry! We guarantee all newly installed plant materials for up to one year. We’ve also been around for over 30 year so the likelihood of us still being around when you need us is pretty good.

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