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One of the most frequent requests we hear from our clients is the desire for low maintenance landscapes. This is best achieved by having a landscape design that matches your property – taking into consideration how large or tall a plant grows, whether it prefers sun or shade, wet or dry soil conditions, etc. Plants are not static; they grow and change shape over time. The design team at White Oak Landscape has the plant knowledge and industry experience that give us the tools to plan your long-term, low maintenance landscape.

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We at White Oak Landscape take the time to look at the big picture of your landscaping needs. It is more than just placing plants in the ground and keeping the grass cut. We account for soil type, sun exposure, and water needs. Each client is important and unique to us and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Residential Landscape


Once the landscape design and installation is complete White Oak Landscape offers professional landscape maintenance to keep your landscaping looking good and plants healthy. From leaf removal and grass cutting, sprinkler system and irrigation, maintenance and servicing, we can take care of all your commercial landscaping needs.

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