Residential Irrigation Systems

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White Oak Landscape installs every irrigation system keeping the specific needs of your landscape in mind. Turf areas require not only a different amount of water than your shrubs or trees, but also at a different frequency. We will set up your system in “zones” so that similar areas are watered together, along with installing the proper method for application (drip, rotor or spray) making the most efficient use of your water.

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White Oak Commercial Landscape Design
White Oak Commercial Landscape Design

We Work With

Mother Nature

Nothing seems more inefficient than when your irrigation system runs at the same time Mother Nature waters her earth; running an irrigation system while its raining just doesn’t make sense! White Oak Landscape installs rain sensors with every system; a device that overrides your system NOT to run when the rain falls, providing your landscape with the water it needs only when Mother Nature holds out.

In Your Hands…


Each of our irrigation systems is installed using the latest technology for efficient use and easy control. All systems come complete with Control Panels that allow you to set the time, frequency and duration of each application of water to the zones in your landscape.

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