Residential Stone Work

If you have a beautiful garden planned you already know you need more than just plants. Beyond flowers and grasses a lovely garden is comprised of the stones and soil that house the vegetation. Hardscapes and stonework are unique creations themselves and should be given ample attention when designing a backyard, garden or other home landscape.

We at White Oak Landscape understand that you want a unique hardscape to enhance your property. We specialize in stone work, hardscaping design, and construction and can create truly beautiful works that compliment your landscape design.

We are experienced at working with a variety of stone types and tiles and will gladly customize a hardscape to suit your needs. Big or small, simple or complex, White Oak Landscape will help you design your new hardscape and then build it to your precise specifications to create the look you’ve dreamed of with the quality you need.



Our team is filled with true landscape professionals that care about the quality of your landscaping.



White Oak has years of experience to bring to every aspect of your landscaping needs.

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